Spring is here! My second favorite season next to autumn! I am glad winter is finally over although here on the east coast winter has been pretty mild. Since spring is here I’m all about spring cleaning and sprucing up my wardrobe. Even though my closet is nowhere near perfect I can say that I honestly like and wear the majority of my wardrobe, which is pretty cool to me. I have been purging my wardrobe for about 2-3 years and was inspired by Morning Ink’s video on YouTube, “Spring cleaning my closet: Help me decide what to keep?” to share how I purge my wardrobe.  If you want to learn more about Morning Ink check out her YouTube channel and blog.

My Shopping Philosophy Before I Started Purging My Wardrobe:

Even though I was never a “shop until you drop” or “retail therapy” person I was an “it was on sale and cute then it is not bad if I buy it” person when I was in college. If you remember in my signature style series I talked about how I developed my signature style and my signature makeup. After graduating college and going to graduate school I discovered my signature style and I realized that the”it was on sale and cute then it is not bad if I buy it” shopping philosophy had to stop. I wanted to make a change and I was ready.

Why I Purge Every Season:

I’m going to tell you straight up the first purge of your wardrobe is going to be the hardest. You can do it! After a couple of seasons of purging it will become much easier. Plus it is satisfying to know that you are actually wearing items that you like, which makes it easier to get dressed in the morning. Pick a day when you are free to make sure you have enough time. Get your favorite music on and before you know it you will have an organized wardrobe that is perfect for you.

How to Spring Clean: Purging Your Wardrobe:

  1. Go to your closet and take everything out and put it on your bed/floor: even hangers, baskets, bins, etc. until it is empty.
  2. Vacuum/sweep, sanitize, dust, etc. your entire closet now that your closet is empty.
  3. Create donate, maybe, keep and trash sections.
  4. Group all of your items together in general big categories (shirts, skirts, jackets/coats, pants, scarves, shoes).
  5. Try everything on to see if it fits you well and suits your personal current style.
  6. Think about when you wore it last and see if it actually fits your lifestyle.
  7. If you are not sure about a particular item put it in your ‘maybe’ section.
  8. Put your items back in your closet and organize it to your liking. (I like to organize my clothes by category and then by color.)
  9. Put your ‘maybe’ items in one corner of your closet away from your other clothes/shoes. (This will let you see if you will wear your ‘maybe’ items in the next month.)
  10. Give yourself a month to see if you want to keep your ‘maybe’ items.
  11. After a month if you still are unsure and the item is in good condition donate it.
  12. Repeat this each season.

My Top Tips:

  • Now that you have your closet clean, organized, and purged your wardrobe go on Pinterest to create seasonal boards and create some Polyvore sets.
  • Strive for quality over quantity. If you need new items make a list on Evernote and buy things as needed.

My Shopping Philosophy After Purging My Wardrobe:

When I go shopping I use these rules: I have to like the item, find multiple ways of wearing it, the item has to fit my lifestyle and when I get something new a similar older item in my wardrobe must go. This stops me from buying unnecessary items and keeps my wardrobe fresh. I know this is a lot, but once you do it you will feel refreshed and have more things to wear. Good luck spring cleaning and purging your wardrobe!

Are you spring cleaning? How do you purge your wardrobe?

Share below.


7 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: How I Purge My Wardrobe

  1. Really great advice! I have a lot more that I need to get rid of in addition to what I shared in my video. I have some hangers holding 2 to 3 items, which was my signal that I need to clean. I also didn’t consider taking absolutely everything out and cleaning the closet itself. That will be so satisfying.

    Thank you for the shoutout and for linking to my pages! I plan on writing a follow-up post on my blog about my spring cleaning, so I will definitely link to your post as inspiration for others.

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