In honor of Black History Month I wanted to share some style inspiration from Hidden Figures.

For those who may not know I am a scientist. If you are a scientist/engineer/mathematician comment below! After reading Hidden Figures: The American Dream and the Untold Story of the Black Women Mathematicians Who Helped Win the Space Race by Margot Lee Shetterly I knew I had to see the movie. Women in Science on the big screen – I was all in! As an African-American woman in science, I was excited and inspired by the story of Katherine Goble Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson. hidden-figures

After seeing the movie I was inspired to create two Polyvore sets to showcase the style of Katherine, Dorothy and Mary. Even when you work in a professional or laboratory environment you can still add a bit of your personality. If you are looking for professional style with personality inspiration check out, Stylish Academic (her blog) and follow her on twitter.

Style Inspiration: Black History Month Edition – Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures: Inspired Power Suit Style:

Hidden Figures: Inspired Power Suits

I’m all about the power suit. When I want to command control and show I brought my A game I like to bring out my power suit. Every woman should have a power suit that makes you feel amazing! It does not have to break the bank, just let your power suit fit your personal style. Whether you are a skirts or pants type of woman I guarantee you will find a power suit right for you. I’m more into skirts and dresses.

My top tips for finding the right power suit:

Go with a classic silhouette with a subtle, but powerful color (such as blue) or a neutral color suit. Finish your look with stud earrings, neutral makeup, heels, your work bag and you are ready!

Hidden Figures: Inspired Statement Style:

Hidden Figures: Inspired Statement Style

Even though I’m a fan of a power suit it is not something that I want to wear to work everyday. On days when I want to add more personality I like to wear something that makes a statement.

My top tips for statement professional looks: 

Again I would go with a classic silhouette but in a bolder color. If you like prints try wearing a subtle printed dress or trousers. If you want to take your look a step further, finish your look with a beautiful brooch, stud earrings and heels (or flats if you like).

*Bonus tip: a classic purple or red lipstick makes a statement to any professional look.

Did you read/see Hidden Figures? If not, you should check it out. What is your favorite professional outfit to wear (power suit and statement look)? Comment below.


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