One of the biggest things I learned in the past two years is the importance of taking one day at a time. For those who know me in real life I am naturally a hard worker, always put my best forward, usually working on multiple projects and enjoy helping others. There is nothing wrong with that, but it turns out that there was a little wrong with that. Doing too many things is exhausting, stressful and made me realize that some things are not worth my time.

After looking at my schedule I decided to make changes in myself so that I will the best M.E.. Taking one day at a time was the way I was going to make these changes possible. This was one of the best things that I could have done for myself and it was exactly what I needed.

Taking one day at a time is not about forgetting about tomorrow, not planning and saying no to everything. It is about meaningful planning, having more fun in life, reducing your schedule to include essential pampering time, stressing less and saying yes to you! To top it off praying more and showing more gratitude will make a huge difference in your life. When you do this you will feel amazing! I will talk a bit more about prayer and gratitude in another blog post. 

Also I realized that with taking one day at a time I had to reevaluate my health and fitness. I’m all about being health inside and out. I mainly eat lean chicken breast and once in a blue moon I eat red meat. Last year I talked about incorporating more plant-based meals to add variety to my meals. I am still doing that. The major change to my health and fitness was adding yoga-stretching-pilates to my workout mix. I’m all about that HIIT and Tabata workout with Fitness Blender, but I had to mix it up. Just by adding the yoga-stretching-pilates to my workout routine I feel like my workout is much more balanced and I have great energy.

After a month or so I realized that taking one day at a time fit into my Year of Yes plan and aligned with one of my favorite mantra’s, “Take Chances, Make Mistakes and Get Messy!” After all I am a scientist and this mantra fits me perfectly.


I challenge you to take one day at a time. If you are up for the challenge leave a comment below.


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