A couple of years ago I wrote a post about how to live a healthier lifestyle and shared my favorite at-home exercises. After doing this routine for some time I knew it was time to change-up a few things.

Whether you get a new job, finish school, in a transitional phase of your life, getting married or just had a baby; it is normal to expect your routine to change. What you did before might not work now. When this happens it is time to step back and say Gee! – How can I get right back on track?

The first step is realizing that it’s okay if it’s taking more time than you expected to find a routine that works for this new lifestyle change you are having. We have all been there. This is one of the reasons I had to take a step back.

As things changed in my life I realized that one of the areas that have to change is my workout routine. I still prefer at-home workouts. Nike Training Club is my ultimate favorite workout. To switch it up a bit I added some exercises with the Bosu ball, stability exercise ball, resistance bands, flex ting toner and kettle ball. I still enjoy the Pop and Hip Hop Radio Station on Pandora while I’m working out. I notice the key for me is variety so I don’t get bored. So I’m looking into dance classes, kickboxing classes and spinning classes. We shall see. One step at a time. Baby steps.


Another thing I changed is my nutrition. For the most part I eat healthily, but I wanted to get more creative with my food. Remember I said I like to eat with colors of the rainbow – fun, healthy and pretty!  So I’ve been eating plant-based meals a couple of times a week and checking out fun cookbooks from the library. Other than that the only meat I eat is lean chicken breast and once in a while I eat beef (Suya and lasagna are my red-meat exceptions once a year).


What do you like to do to stay healthy and fit? Share below.


8 thoughts on “Getting Healthy and Fit with M.E.

  1. I’m working on getting healthy myself. I became a vegetarian since July 6, 2015. I’m enjoying the new way of eating non-meat sources of food and eating lots of fruit and veggies. My weight and blood pressure has gone down. I also changed my exercise – I do Just dance 3 and walk more. I really enjoyed your blog post and am looking forward to your next one.

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