My Signature Series has come to an end. I had an awesome time writing these blog posts for my signature series. I have to find another series to do because I really enjoy coming up with series. Let me know if you have any series ideas.

Now that I have nailed my signature style: style, hair and makeup I want to help you develop your signature look.

navy blue button up me

Let’s get started!

My Signature Series: How to Develop Your Signature Look:

  • Look for inspiration: I find inspiration everywhere! My favorite places to look for style inspiration are: Pinterest, Polyvore, Blogs, YouTube, TV shows, books, and the seasons. You never know where you will find your style inspiration.

belle once upon a time spring style look

  • Start trying things out: You don’t have to go out to buy a new wardrobe. Try on everything you have in your closet. Most of the time, if you can’t find anything to wear that means you have too many clothes and shoes. I like to purge my wardrobe each season. When I purge I like to keep in mind Marie Kondo’s book, Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing Technique to stay focused.

black and white outfit

  • Go thrifting!: I’m a huge fan of thrifting. After you purge your wardrobe decide what clothes you want to donate to your local thrift store. After you donate your clothes go inside to explore the hidden gems of the thrift store. My favorite things to look for are: dresses, cute button up shirts, vintage pieces and purses.

my church uniform

  • Know your lifestyle: Are you a student, do you work in a professional environment or laboratory, workout or have children, etc.? When you know your lifestyle this will help you think about what clothing, makeup and hairstyles you should try. For example, for my wardrobe, I want a mix professional pieces, unique pieces that show my personality and casual but chic pieces.

my casual uniform

  • Think about your primary and secondary styles: I know that my primary style is feminine and my secondary style is vintage so I keep these things in mind when I shop. If you need help finding your primary and secondary style I suggest looking on Pinterest, Polyvore, Blogs and your closet to see what items in your wardrobe pull you in. When I do this I am able to visualize and put outfits that I want to wear together. As for hair and makeup I like to keep it simple and highlight my natural beauty. If you want to learn more about my signature style details check out my signature style, signature hairstyle and signature makeup blog posts.

simple makeup look signature4

  • Think about why you want to have a signature style: As I was writing this series I looked at my pictures and it was like watching me grow up. lol 😉 It’s so funny and cool to see the evolution of my signature style. I like the idea of having a signature style because I will feel confidently beautiful – which is the goal of a signature style. I see style as something that is unique to you and fashion is not unique. Style is something that suits you, but fashion may not suit you. I challenge you to get out and be comfortable in your own skin.

inspired by my culture

I hope that these tips help you develop your own signature style!

tribal print dress smile me

Do you have a signature style? Share below.


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