I remember when I was in graduate school I kept hearing about podcasts, but I really never thought to checked them out. I was busy and swamped with research that I never gave podcasts a listen. A few years later after watching YouTube for years, I decided it was time for me to check out some podcasts. Plus Smart Twenties always has great podcast recommendations. When I went to the Podcast app on my phone I was like, “Woah Nelly!” (in my Mindy voice)! There are so many options, where do I start?

These Podcasts have been so good and I have enjoyed listening to them especially when I’m taking my evening walk or getting dressed in the morning. I really enjoyed listening to The Lively Show and Being Boss when I took my blogging hiatus.

My Favorite Podcasts:

For a long time I wanted to learn a Language and one of the languages I really wanted to learn was French. I took French in high school but between you and me I don’t really remember a thing. Well anywho, I came across the Podcast called, Coffee Break French and the name is perfect because I enjoy listening to it in the morning. This podcast will not be your full-blown French course, but it will get you started learning some French basics. Since I’ve been so busy I fell off, but I’m planning to get back at it when I have more time.

Franchesca Rasmey aka Chescaleigh started a podcast with her husband called, Last Name Basis. I knew that this podcast would be good because Chescaleigh is amazing! And I was right. Last Name Basis is a Podcast that talks about issues that we hear about on the internet from race, pop culture, lifestyle and just anything they want to share. I like their dynamic and you can tell that they are having fun. My favorite segments are the Slangwich B and Science Corner. Plus I like their theme song!

If I remember correctly Chescaleigh mentioned Reply All on an episode of Last Name Basis. The Reply All Podcast is unlike any podcast because it is short, sweet and weird (in a good way). If you want to hear random weird stories Reply All is the podcast to check out. Some of the stories had me like, “Woah Nelly that is cray cray!” My favorite episode was the roundup of all the episodes because they shared some of the top episodes with updates, many of which were some of my favorite episodes.

Smart Twenties recommended The Lively Show and Being Boss Podcasts and I’m glad she did.

People who know me know that I’m a sucker for theme music and theme songs of TV Shows. And I really like the theme music of The Lively Show. If you want to become a #GirlBoss, have an interest in entrepreneurship and like hearing people’s stories of entrepreneurship check out The Lively Show. I enjoy hearing stories of success and learning more about each guest’s journey. It is truly inspiring to me.

If you are looking for another podcast because you want to become a #GirlBoss you have to check out this podcast called, Being Boss. I feel like the Being Boss podcast goes hand in hand with The Lively Show. I really enjoy hearing tips about being successful. After listening to the Being Boss podcast I felt like I’m ready to move forward and take the next step to achieve my goals both career and personal.

Another YouTuber, Hey Fran Hey started a Podcast with two of her friends Assante’ and Dustin called, The Friend Zone. Side note: I like their theme song. The Friend Zone is a Podcast focusing on well-being issues, health and wellness. Fran is a modern bohemian woman and she likes to share her DIYs ranging from beauty, hair and skin. Both guys offer a cool vibe to the mix. You can tell that each host is having fun and I like that they each offer a different perspective. My favorite segments are Asking for a Friend which reminds me of the episode of A Different World when Whitley called in on the Montel Williams Show asking for some advice. Also, I like when Fran shares a DIY in the wellness segment.

Are you into Podcasts? If so, share your podcast recommendations with me in the comments section. If you haven’t heard of these Podcasts you should check them out!


5 thoughts on “My Favorite Podcasts:

  1. Thanks for sharing, I love podcasts. The Lively show is one of my favorites, like you said it’s very inspiring. I’m going to check out Reply All. I recently listened to Serial, I really liked the second season. Another one of my favorites is What Should I Read Next which has lots of book recommendations.

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