I haven’t shared a post from My Signature Style Series since last year so decided this is the perfect time to share My Signature Makeup Look. Most of the time I’m a no makeup wearer, but when I do wear makeup I have three signature makeup looks.

My Signature Series: My Signature Makeup Look Story:

I was so late in the makeup game. I was not that girl who wanted to wear makeup at an early age. When I was younger I only wore makeup for my senior prom and high school graduation. Towards the end of my senior year of college, I started playing around with makeup for special occasions. Nothing fancy just neutral colors that complemented my skin tone.

college graduation makeup1

When I turned 24 I decided I wanted to learn how to apply makeup. I felt that it was time because I was old enough (lol), I had a babyface and I wanted to look more put together. Plus I was tired of being mistaken for a high schooler while I was in graduate school. I pretty much nailed my signature style so learning how to apply makeup was the next thing to complete my signature look.

navy dress nyc outside

While I was learning how to apply makeup I also discovered the YouTube beauty world. The first YouTubers I followed were British-Nigerian YouTubers and I thought it was so cool seeing women of color with similar skin tones apply makeup.

My YouTube Beauty School Teachers:

BeautybyJJ aka Jennie Jenkins:

The first beauty YouTuber I watched was BeautyByJJ. Jennie is the queen of glamour and her makeup is beyond amazing! The first video I watched was her how to flexi-rod your hair video. She helped me slay my hair and makeup back then. It was nice seeing a woman with a similar skin tone apply makeup. Plus Jennie pulled me into the wonderful world of lipstick.

Patricia Bright aka BritPopPrincess:

Shortly after I came across BritPopPrincess. One of the reasons I subscribed to her was her personality and she wasn’t afraid to be herself. I really like how she has evolved over the years and her signature makeup look is similar to mine. Plus I like how she likes to play around with ombre lips.

Jackie Ania aka LilPumpkin05:

Around the same time, I discovered LilPumpkinPie05. She is the go-to makeup artist if you want to learn makeup techniques. I feel like she is my personal makeup consultant. Plus she has amazing long eyelashes and she taught me how to fill in my eyebrows so they can look natural.

Shirley B. Eniang: 

In the midst of learning how to apply makeup and explore my style, I came across Shirley’s blog (when it was known as Meek-n-Mild). I’m a fan of her natural makeup tutorials and she was one of YouTubers that taught me how to apply my winged eyeliner perfectly. Winged eyeliner has been one of my staples in my signature makeup look next to adding a shimmery golden eyeshadow in my inner tear ducts (especially for eyeglass wearers like myself).

All of these lovely ladies helped me create my signature makeup look. Who says girls with glasses can’t wear makeup? Ha! 😉


Makeup and M.E.:

Before purchasing my first ‘big girl’ palette – the Urban Decay Naked palette; my go-to makeup was the LA Colors Palette with the five neutral colors. My philosophy was I want to practice with cheaper makeup before I buy expensive makeup. As far as learning how to apply face makeup I played around with foundations and concealers for a bit. Then I quickly realized that I’m an in-between shade, never get matched correctly and have super sensitive skin. So I decided to take care of my skin first.

Once I got comfortable I upgraded from a neutral lip gloss to lipstick. I didn’t get into wearing bold lipsticks until my last year of graduate school and I never looked back.

My Signature Makeup Look:

My Signature Makeup Everyday Look 1 – Neutral Makeup Simple Look:

simple makeup look signature1

  • Winged eyeliner
  • Mascara (top lashes only)
  • Gold shimmer eyeshadow in the corners near my tear ducts
  • Neutral lipstick (sometimes a bold lipstick)

My Signature Makeup Everyday Look 2 – Neutral No-Makeup Look:

simple makeup look signature3

  • Bronze eyeshadow all over my eyelids
  • Mascara (top lashes only)
  • Neutral lipstick

My Signature Makeup Look – When I’m Feeling Fancy Look:

simple makeup look signature4

  • Winged eyeliner
  • Mascara (top and bottom lashes)
  • Gold shimmery eyeshadow in the corners near my tear ducts
  • Neural Eyeshadow Look using my Urban Decay Naked Pallete (Half baked, Sin, Virgin, Darkhorse, Toasted and Hustle eyeshadows)
  • Sometimes Eyeliner (Black or Blue at the bottom lashline)
  • Bold Lipstick (Plum, Burgundy or Red)
  • Shimmery gold highlight
  • Bronzer

Other Makeup Looks/Routines that are Simple/Similar to My Routine:

These two videos below are pretty much simple makeup looks and similar to my makeup routine. I like Mahogany Curls as a “no-makeup makeup look” and I like Akilah Obviously as my “I want to be fancy makeup look”.

Mahogany Curls aka Jess

AkilahObviously aka Smoothie Freak

It is fun to see how my makeup has changed over the years and how I was able to develop my signature makeup style. Also, it was fun to see the evolution of my eyeglasses. I used to wear tiny eyeglasses and now they are much bigger. lol 🙂 Time to get some new eyeglasses soon!

makeup grad school

When did you start wearing makeup? Do you have a signature makeup look? Share below.


7 thoughts on “My Signature Series: My Signature Makeup Look

  1. You look beautiful in all your makeup looks throughout the years. Every look shows all types of hairstyles that are perfect with your different makeup looks. I like the examples that you gave to explain how you have evolved over time.

  2. Haha I can totally relate, I still get mistaken for a high schooler and I teach jr. high! I’m currently taking a break from makeup though occasionally I like to put on some shimmer and working on finding my signature style! I’m glad you have a handle on both, it helps me believe I can too!

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