In an earlier post I introduced my signature style series with my signature hairstyle: two strand twist out. Now I want to share how I developed my signature style. It was a long, but fun process. When did you develop your style?

Developing My Signature Style Over the Years:

Back in the Day:

Since I wore uniforms from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade I didn’t really think about my style. My first ever signature style piece were my eyeglasses! When I was six I got my first pair of glasses (like Lavender from the movie, Matilda). I hated them. Looking back it makes me laugh because I absolutely love wearing glasses! ūüėČ


Photo Credit: Tristar Pictures via

Going into My Early Twenties:
When you wear a uniform it’s hard to figure out what your style, especially at a young age. So when I went to college I had no style. I didn’t start developing my style until my senior year. In the process of lacking a sense of style, I gained style and confidence¬†that was right for M.E. I learned a few key things to look¬†for: unique pieces, feminine pieces, looking put together, fun accessories and simple¬†hairstyles¬†(straight with a side bang was my signature hairstyle).

college days with gold sequin cowgirl boots

Approaching My Mid Twenties:
By the time I entered my first year of graduate school I pretty much nailed my signature¬†style and I decided to teach myself how to do simple makeup (next signature style post) since I have a babyface. ¬†And I discovered the YouTube beauty world. ūüôā

me in blue dress

During this point of maturing, furthering my education and enhancing my natural beauty my style was born. My mid-twenties was the point where I developed the best of my signature style. My signature style is somewhat a mix of a few things depending on the situation. Style is what you want it to be. If you need help finding your signature style check out Downtown Demure’s post¬†about finding your personal style.

Analyzing the Evolution of My Style in My Late Twenties:
On a whim I decided to wear my hair in its naturally curly state and I love it! After¬†years of exploring my style, I discovered that my primary style is feminine. I would wear a dress every day if I could [dresses are ūüôā ].¬†I feel the most beautiful, confident and feminine in dresses! My secondary style is vintage-inspired. Plus I like colors, fun patterns (polka dot & tribal prints!) and neutrals (navys and browns). I know this may sound like a lot, but this is what I like and describes M.E. If you want to see more of my signature style check out my style posts and¬†polyvore.

me in printed dress for birthday28

My Style Inspirations:

Closet Confections:
She has a feminine style and wears fun dresses that are perfect for any occasion. I like how she pays attention to small outfit details to make it unique. Plus she has amazing photography! Also, I like her signature goddess twists hairstyle.

Bows & Sequins:
Her style is fun and feminine. Her casual looks are so polished. Plus I like how even on her most casual looks she adds a touch of glam to the look. Also, she pairs colors well in her outfits.

Vintage Shirley B. Eniang: I like to refer to vintage Shirley B. Eniang to the time when she started her blog to 2012 (aka MeeknMild days). I liked the girly and simple chic outfits she put together back in the day on her blog.

Wear What You Watch:
One of the first style bloggers I followed after Shirley and Closet Confections. I like the concept of WearWhatYouWatch because she hits the nail on the head for creating outfits from TV and movie characters. Check out her polyvore page for inspiration.

The Mindy Project:
She’s petite, curvy and fun. Not to mention ‘her own role model’ as Mindy the television character and Mindy in real life. I like how her¬†character rocks prints like a pro. After I watched the first episode I was hooked with the style and humor and up my bright color wearing. Coat game on point!

New Girl:
Hands down Jess on New Girl has her dress game on point. I like how the dresses are vintage inspired and quirky. Plus she wears a lot of polka dots and flats. I’m a woman who appreciates flats. You can look amazing in flats.

Belle from Once Upon a Time:
Belle’s style speaks to me, especially since it’s fall – my favorite season. I like neutrals (earthy tones) with feminine pieces. Every time I watch Once Upon a Time and see Belle’s outfits I know I could so rock her outfits.

All of these women have an amazing sense of style and fit my signature style since my primary style is feminine. I like a bit of each of their styles.

I had fun writing this post. It was like going through memory lane. Who knows maybe I will start sharing my outfits next year. Still thinking about it. Hmm…

Do you have a signature style? How would you describe your signature style? Share below.


12 thoughts on “My Signature Series: My Signature Style and Style Inspirations

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for including my post in this lovely series! I think you landed on a great signature hairstyle for your face and personal style. You look beautiful! You’re making me want to try the two strand twist out!!

    – Liz @ Downtown Demure

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