My Signature Series Introduction: My Signature Hairstyle: Two Strand Twist Out:

twist out in blue

Last year when I celebrated my first blogiversary I started my Dear Twenty Something Series. So this year for my second blogiversary I started a new series called My Signature Series where I will share my signature hairstyle, style, makeup and how to develop your own signature looks. It took a long time for me to develop my signature look and I want to help you develop yours. 🙂

A few months ago I shared a post called, Confidence Starts at an Early Age: My Natural Curly Hair Story and I talked a bit about my hair journey. After finding a hair routine that works for me I was eager to find a signature hairstyle for my naturally curly hair. I always had a signature hairstyle. When I had relaxed hair my signature style was straight with a side swoop bang. On special occasions I curled my hair with a curling wand.

me with side swoop bang

Now that I wear my hair in its natural state my signature style is two strand twist outs. For about a year and a half I wore mini twists and then started doing twist outs. Here I have mini twists curled with flexi rods. This style never lets me down.

mini twists curled with flexi rods

How to Achieve My Signature Hairstyle: Two Strand Twist Out:


  • Water
  • Cleanser: I like to use shampoo, apple cider vinegar or clay
  • Deep Conditioner: DIY Deep Conditioner (sharing DIY post in the future)
  • Leave-in Conditioner
  • Sealant: My DIY Whipped Shea Butter Mix and/or My DIY Hair Oil Mix
  • Styler: Gel – I like to use DIY Flaxseed Gel (sharing DIY post soon) or another natural gel


  • I believe the technique matters more than the products used.
  • I two strand twist my hair on clean wet/damp hair. I only style my hair once a week and finger detangle.
  • I keep my hair in 6-8 sections during the entire process.
  • My naturally curly/coily hair has about 50-60% shrinkage.

The Process:
After I cleanse, deep condition, moisturize & seal my hair I two strand twist my hair. If my hair gets dry I will spritz my hair with water. After I finish twisting my hair I use an old t-shirt to remove the excess water from my hair. This reduces the frizz. Then I air dry my hair. Depending on my mood I stretch my twists using bobby pins similar to Naptural85’s technique. My hair takes about 1-2 days to air dry. During the winter or if I have to go somewhere I will sit under my hooded dryer.

Removing the Twists:
When my hair is dry I apply oil to my hands and carefully remove my twists and separate the curls. Each day my hair will get bigger and better.

Night Routine:
Some nights I retwist my hair in big sections and wear a satin bonnet. If I don’t retwist I just wear a satin bonnet.

This entire process takes about 2 hours, but I only have to do this once a week. Not bad at all!

I’m glad I found my signature hairstyle: two strand twist out because it always works for me. 🙂

me in trench 2

If you want to learn more information about naturally curly hair care check out my favorite natural hair YouTube Channels: Naptural85 and My Natural Sistas.

A Bit about Naptural85:

Naptural85 aka Whitney is the Ultimate natural hair DIY-er, twist out queen and master of techniques for thick natural curly hair! She has three YouTube Channels: her main hair channel Naptural85, vlogs: DearNaptural85 and Style/DIY: Style by Nap85. Naptural85 was the first natural curly hair YouTube channel I came across and I never looked back. Her videos are professional and creative. Her genuine personality comes across on camera. I highly recommend her mini twist video and twist out video. You can’t go wrong.

A Bit about My Natural Sistas:

After discovering Naptural85 I came across My Natural Sistas. Three sisters: India, Carmen and Toni started this channel to share their natural hair journeys. I like the dynamic of their channel because I’m close to my sisters as well. Plus they give a variety of videos: natural hair, makeup, vegan lifestyle and fitness. I highly recommend the natural hairstyles video and Long Hair Don’t Care, Why I Cut my Natural Hair video.

Do you have a signature hairstyle? If so, what is your signature hairstyle? Share below.


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