Today is my 2nd Blogiversary! This is the perfect for me to share a twenty-something topic that I have thought about for some time. Remember when I wrote a post about stop comparing yourself to others. Well here’s a follow-up to that.

Comparing yourself to your previous self is just as bad as comparing yourself to others. Hear me out on this one. Smart Twenties knows what I’m talking about. In one of her posts, she talked about how her morning routine and how it made her feel guilty for not doing things she used to do. I can agree with her on so many levels. There comes a time when things change. Change is good but is scary.

I feel like Smart Twenties and I are on the same wavelength with our blog posts. We should collaborate in the future. I have so many ideas for Dear Twenty Something Series Topics.

For me when things change I get stressed and sometimes find myself comparing myself to my earlier self. You may think what’s wrong with that? It becomes an issue when you beat yourself up about it. Remember you are not your old self. Your old self has left the building.  You can’t expect yourself to be the same person you were before. Things change, change is a sign of growth. Back in the day you were a caterpillar now embrace your wings as a butterfly.

If you are going to compare yourself to your previous self do it instead in a positive way. Tell yourself all the good things you did and look at how far you have come. You can only get better. Like I said in my introduction to my Dear Twenty Something Series post I feel like the twenties are the adult version of teenage years filled with self-doubt, uncertainty and a lot of changes going on. Feeling this way is normal and a lot of twenty somethings feel this way. Remember you are amazing, awesome and as long as you are being the best you, you are doing something right!

So how do you feel about comparing yourself to your previous self now? What can you do to shake this feeling? I suggest looking at how you want to improve yourself and set new goals. For example, if you feel like you used to be more fit back then concentrate on becoming healthier.  Make it your lifestyle. When you get your body moving you will feel better and become a new type of fit that is good for you now.

Moving forward I made it my goal to compare myself to my earlier self in a positive light. Try it, you may surprise yourself. Changing your mindset takes time and if you want to live a happier life it is necessary.

For all my readers out there who are going through this, I want to tell you, you are not alone and I want us to inspire each other. Are you with M.E.?

I’m ready to share more with you. I want to inspire you, share my creations and just share a bit of M.E. I’m excited to write more Dear Twenty Somethings Series and has been inspiring me lately.

How do you shake the feeling of comparing yourself to your previous self? Share below.


5 thoughts on “My 2nd Blogiversary Review: Dear Twenty Something Series – Comparing Yourself to Your Previous Self

  1. Yes! Comparing my present self to my past self is a trap I fall into all the time, especially (as you said) when I’m going through a period of transition/change.

    I think it feels worse comparing yourself to your past self than comparing yourself to others because when it’s your past self you know that you are 100% capable of achieving what you want because you’ve done it before, so it feels super disheartening when you’re not achieving something you know you’re definitely capable of!

    And thanks so much for sharing my posts and my blog!

    Sam xx

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment. I agree comparing yourself to your previous self is just as bad especially during transitional times. Transitional times are already rough so why out on additional pressure. And you’re welcome Sam! Your posts are so helpful I have to share. 🙂

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