I’m back! How was your summer? My summer has been busy, but good. I was able to spend time with family and relax for a bit. I can’t complain. Now that things have slowed down a bit I’m ready to get back to blogging. My last post was a few months ago and now we are in the beginning of August. Where did the time go?

Since I have been busy this summer I decided to read books that will inspire me and make me think about life. What books inspire you?

My Summer Reading List:

  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo
  • Write It Down, Make It Happen by Henriette Anne Klauser
  • The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren
  • The Drop Box: How 500 Abandoned Babies, an Act of Compassion, and a Movie Changed My Life Forever by Brian Ivie and Ted Kluck

My Past Reading Lists: spring reading list and summer reading list

Bonus TV Show: House, M.D.

This summer I didn’t really watch that much TV so I turned to Netflix! lol

Since I like Bones (I’m so behind on the show…lol) I decided to watch House, M.D. on Netflix. House, M.D. has been highly recommended to me since I like Bones.  At the beginning of the summer I started watching and OMG it is awesome. I can’t stop watching House, M.D. It’s so addicting!

What did you enjoy this summer? Share below.


2 thoughts on “My Summer Reading List II + Bonus TV Show

  1. I have been watching A Different World on Netflix since the beginning of the summer. 6 seasons worth with at least 20 episodes per season and I just started season 4. Darn you Netflix. I was trying to wean myself off of TV this summer but it’s just too entertaining. I haven’t tried House though!

    1. I have 1 season left of A Different World to watch. I’m saving it lol. I know what you mean about trying to watch less TV. There are so many good show out there. If you want to try a new show on Netflix you have to watch House. I can’t stop watching it.

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