If you have followed my blog for some time you know that I’m an advocate for being positive, inspiring women and being creative. Every day I like to read or watch something inspirational. Sometimes a bit of inspiration can put that extra spark in your day. 🙂

A few months ago I shared my thoughts on the Dove #LoveYourCurls Campaign and shared my Natural Hair Curly Story. It was important for me to write this post because I know that there are girls and women that are going through confidence issues. Even though this post was about hair the heart of the post was about confidence and inner beauty.

Fast forward a few months later I came across another Dove Campaign #ChooseBeautiful. Instead of talking about embracing your curls this campaign digs deeper on the topic of feeling beautiful and confident. Even though these are short videos these Dove Campaigns make an impact. I’m a big fan of campaigns/initiatives that promote confidence inside and out for women. As women we go through a lot and it is important to see these types of messages on social media. We need to share more things like this instead of things that bring women down. Like I said my other post – confidence starts at an early age. It is our duty as women to inspire girls and inspire each other. If we don’t who will? #SupportaSista

At the beginning of the Dove #ChooseBeautiful Campaign video it shows women from all over the world deciding on which pathway to take. One door is labeled beautiful, while the other door is labeled average. Without a second thought, many of the women picked the average door. Why? Some felt like they were average or not worthy of the beautiful door. Later when the women realized they are beautiful they walked with confidence and a smile. Why? When you walk with confidence you are beautiful and people will see it.

Even though this was a social experiment the takeaway message is that you are beautiful. You define your own beauty and confidence/beauty starts from within. If you don’t believe you are beautiful who else will? How can you feel beautiful? How can you be beautiful? Remember we are role models for girls who will become women. Positive role models will bring more positive role models!!!

mindy project role model

We all have our days when we feel not so beautiful and this is normal. When I have these types of days I like to put on a bright-colored lipstick and look myself in the mirror and say, “Thank you, Lord for making M.E.” This makes me feel a bit better. When you tell yourself you are beautiful you will feel beautiful! When you tell yourself these things and surround yourself with positive people you will believe it! I believe in you!

Tell her she’s beautiful – yourself, mother, sister, daughter or even a stranger. This will make her smile 🙂

I choose beautiful. What do you choose? What can we do as women to help each other feel beautiful? Share below.


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