I’m a huge tea drinker. I drink at least two cups of tea a day. My favorite teas are ginger, herbal and chai. Forget coffee give me tea! Since I like tea and I like reading I decided to combine the two for a simple DIY Project. I was thinking of ideas on how to create a template then I came across Genuine Mudpie’s blog post showing how to make DIY Tea cup bookmarks and I knew I had to make my own. This is a simple DIY to do with the family on the weekend. 🙂 Plus it’s perfect for your weekend reading.

tea cup bookmark finished1

Let’s get started:

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Here’s what you need to get started:



1. Print out Genuine Mudpie’s template.
tea cup templates for bookmarks

2. Trace the template on your paper.

3. Cut out the template.
4. Measure 7 inches of thread.

tea cup templates for bookmarks1
5. Cut out your tea tags ( I decided to put the name of the tea that I like to drink on the tea tags).
6. Glue the thread to the back of the tea cup and secure with a small piece of paper.
7. Glue the tea tag to the thread.

teacup bookmarks2 finished3u
8. Let it dry.
9. Now you have cute tea cup bookmarks – perfect for when you are reading and drinking tea.

tea cup bookmark finished1

Thank you Genuine Mudpie for sharing this DIY so I can make my tea cup bookmarks! 🙂 I have more DIYs coming. Stay tuned!

Want to see what I’m reading and watching? Check out my spring reading list plus bonus webseries/podcasts list.

What type of tea do you like to drink? I’m always open to tea recommendations. Comment below.


11 thoughts on “DIY: Tea Cup Bookmarks

  1. These are so sweet. I usually use a scrap of paper that’s nearby when I need one… *hangs head in shame*. I need to get my act together! p.s. love the tassel version 🙂

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