We are finally getting a “touch” of spring weather. We get some warm days here and there, which I’m happy about – until the weather gets crazy. Just a few days ago it was snowing and cold. I’ll be happy when spring days are here to stay! In the meantime, I’ll keep myself warm with a good book and ginger tea. For this spring and in honor of women’s history month I wanted to read books by women that will inspire me. 🙂

My Spring Reading List II + Bonus Webseries/Podcasts:

  • Playing Big: Find your Voice, Your Mission, Your Message by Tara Mohr (The Book from Smart Twenties Book Club)
  • The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl by Issa Rae
  • How to Grow Up: A Memoir by Michelle Tea
  • Rainbow in the Cloud: The Wisdom & Spirit of Maya Angelou by Maya Angelou
  • Belle: The Slave Daughter and the Lord Chief Justice by Paula Byrne

If you are looking for more book ideas check out my winter list, spring reading list and Smart Twenties Book Club!

Instead of sharing my Bonus TV Shows I’m watching I decided to switch it up a little. Check out these webseries/podcasts because they are good and funny.

Webseries/Podcasts you Should Check Out:

What are you looking forward to this spring? Comment below.


6 thoughts on “Spring Reading List II + Bonus Webseries/Podcasts

  1. Yes love this! Need to check out those other books!! And thanks for referring to my book club, I appreciate it so much!

    Sam xx

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