Just in case you didn’t know Sam of Smart Twenties is one of my inspirations for starting my Dear Twenty Something Series. Sam welcomed me in her Smart Twenties circle and I knew that after reading her blog I had to share a bit of my advice as a twenty-something. Sam’s blog is beyond amazing and every time I read it I get inspired. If you want to learn more about Smart Twenties click here.

Last week I was going through my blogfeed and I came across her post called, Some Thoughts on My Fear of Getting Older and I knew I had to read it immediately. When I entered my mid-twenties getting older was something that I often thought about. I think it all started when I turned the BIG 25 aka The Quarter Century Life Crisis Age (so I’ve heard). When I turned 25 it was a bit rough, but I got through it. Fast forward some years later, as a late twenty-something, I’m actually super excited about turning 30. I’m ready to start a new phase of my life and leave my twenties with a bang! I want to do something BIG for my 30th birthday. I’m not sure yet. Any ideas? 

How do you feel about your age?

nick on getting older

When you think about age it’s a weird thing. I’m not sure about you but for my entire life I have looked exactly the same. lol Growing up and even now I’ve always received comments like: “Awh you are cute and look so young”, “And girl you know black don’t crack and you will be happy to look young when you get older.”, “You know that 40 is the new 20.” All of this gets kind of old and silly, especially when people think I’m 10-12 years younger than my age.  I think that’s a bit much, I don’t think I look that young. What do you think? Maybe because I’m petite and have a youthful face. I’m not sure. I even had someone try to pinch my cheeks and judge me for looking young. This is so inappropriate! Have you ever been in this situation?

I know I’m not alone and I’m glad Smart Twenties decided to make a blog post about this topic because age is a sensitive topic, especially for women. I believe that people are afraid of getting older because they associate certain ages as a measure of success. For example, some people expect that by the time you are 25 you should have “EVERYTHING” together: career, married, kids, especially if you are a woman. I’m like hold on, EVERYONE is different and EVERYTHING will happen in God’s Time! It’s crazy how the pressure for these types of things increases as you get older. It’s time for people to stop pressuring women to do certain things because of their age. Are you with me?

P.S. Sam you should do a #DearME blog post! Check out my #DearME blog post.

Are you afraid of getting older? Do you feel pressure to do certain things because of your age? Share below.


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