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Using the Building the Best You: A Two-Year Discovery Journal

I can’t believe we are now in February. It has been a polar vortex type of winter. On another note about a week ago, I was watching Jouelzy’s video about How to Keep a Journal and I decided this was a good time for me to share how I’m enjoying my new multiple year journals. If you have followed me for some time you know I am a big fan of journals. 

Last year for my birthday my mother gave me a Two-Year Journal. This is great because I have a five-year journal and I’m excited to have a Two-Year journal to reflect on my late twenties. I am a huge fan of these multiple year journals. I cannot wait to look back on them and say, “Wow”. I like going back to read old journal entries to see my growth.

Also, when you keep a journal you are having a conversation with yourself. You can be totally honest with yourself and say things that you normally would not say out loud. The thing I like about this two-year journal in comparison to my 5-year journal is that there is more space to write. Plus there are multiple questions on the page to help you reflect on your day – hence the reason it is a self-discovery journal. Whereas my 5-year journal only has space for one line a day so I have to keep my entries short. I like to end my entry with one thing I’m grateful for.

Even though I received this journal on my birthday in September I didn’t start writing in it until the first day of fall 2014. I wanted the fall to be my starting point because it is my favorite season and what better way to start a self-discovery journal with a new season. So far I can say my 2-year journal has helped me see what things are bothering me and how I can make positive changes in my life. Another thing I like about the 2-year journal is that it has a place where you can write things that happen on days that are special to you. So far I have not used that section, but I know I will soon. 🙂

Whether you decide to get a 2-year, 5-year, DIY or buy a journal if you don’t keep a journal you should start now! I promise you it will be worth it 🙂

If you are looking for some inspiration to journal check out Andrea Lewis. She has a video where she talks about starting a gratitude journal on her #SelfLoveSaturdays video.

What do you think about having a 5-Year Journal or a 2-Year Journal? Share your thoughts below.


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