Last year I shared my Fall and Spring Style Inspiration and I decided it was time for me to share my winter style inspiration. Since I don’t share outfit of the days (maybe I will in the future…hmm) I like doing these type of posts to share a glimpse of things I would wear. For the most part, this winter has been polar vortex type of winter. I have played around with colors and texture to add a point of interest to my looks. As for outerwear, I would pair my warm wool coat, lined gloves, and a hat to keep me warm. What are you wearing this winter?

Winter Style Inspiration: Color and Texture:

winter style inspiration

Playing Around with Colors:

1. Bright: If you checked out my style inspiration for spring and summer you know that I decided to play around with bright colors. I do like color in my wardrobe, but I wanted to take it up a notch. During the winter months, I like to pair bright colors with neutral colors so that the bright color can stand out.

How to Wear it:
One of my favorite outfits this winter was wearing my bright pink skirt and black ankle boots paired with my black bowler hat.

2. Intense: For some people, red is an intense color. A few years back red was too bold for me. Now I’m more comfortable with red. I like wearing red lipstick a lot in the winter. It’s so festive!

How to Wear it:
I have a red turtleneck skater dress and I like to pair it with a bow belt and brown riding boots. I have worn these boots a lot. They go with everything!

Playing Around with Texture:

3. Velvet: Velvet is one of those textures that people love or hate. I love velvet. Whenever I wear velvet it reminds me of the Coming to America line when the guy says, “This is beautiful, what is it, velvet?” lol

How to Wear it:
Another one of my favorite looks I wore this winter was a look inspired my Janelle Monae’. I channeled her look and put my mini twist in a pompadour with deep eggplant lipstick and black ankle pants. This was a fun edgy look. Sometimes I like to play around to with edgy looks.

4. Faux Fur:
Every winter I see everyone wear faux fur. Not only is it stylish it’s a quick and easy way to add some texture to a look.

How to Wear it:
I’m not a huge jeans wearer, but here and there when I’m chillin’ I like to wear some jeans for a super casual outfit. My go to laid back outfit are buttoned up shirts, pants, and oxfords. Lately, I’ve been wearing plaid bows in my hair with my casual looks for a feminine flair.

What look was your favorite? Comment below.


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