In my last DIY post I made tassel bookmarks and after I finished making the bookmarks I had left over tassels so decided to use the left over tassels to make a tassel necklace. 🙂

me in diy tassel necklace

So I was all set to make a tassel necklace and then I found some extra things in my craft box from making my DIY square knot necklace. Hmm. Why not combine my left over craft things to make a statement necklace using tassels, a square knot and beads…

Now, I have a super cool DIY Statement Tassel Necklace!

tassel necklace1

Let’s get started!tassel necklace materials


  • String
  • Fabric (I used fabric scraps from old clothing (a T-shirt works well))
  • Scissors
  • Beads
  • Gems

Notes Before You Get Started:

Make a knot necklace and tassel: Check out the links below.

Learn how to make a knot necklace

Learn how to make a tassel


After you have made your knot necklace and tassels you are now ready to make your statement tassel knot necklace

Here’s what your finished knot necklace will look like:finished knot necklace

Here’s what your finished tassels will look like:

tassels for necklace

1. String your beads/gems together on your string.
2. Stretch your knot necklace, you will notice spaces gaps on each side.
3. Push your string through the tiny spaces/gaps of your knot necklace towards the end on each side.
4. Secure by tying it.

steps for tassel necklace with words1
5. Add your gems to the knot necklace (optional).
6. Use your Jewelry pliers to open the jump ring to put the gems on the knot necklace.

Note: Decide where you want to put your gems. I put my gems in the middle and at each end of the knot necklace.

7. Add your tassels to the necklace and secure it with a knot.

steps with gems with words

8. Put a ribbon at the end (optional) and tie it securely.

Now wear it!

tassel necklace1

Do you like statement necklaces? Statement necklaces are a great way to add a pop to your look. If so check out my DIY Statement Bib Necklace.


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