In my 1st Blogiversary post, I talked about the new series I am starting. I’m excited about starting my Dear Twenty Something Series because as you may know, I am a twenty-something, specifically a late twenty-something. My fellow twenty-something women: Smart Twenties, Twenties Chic and Advice from a Twenty Something really inspired me to start this series. They were the first twenty something blogs I followed. When I first starting blogging a year ago I did not know that there were blogs about the twenty-something experience.

Before I get started I want to share this funny video by Akilah, Obviously called Twenty Something Fridays. When I saw this video it made me lol. It sounds a bit like me minus the wine. ha! Akilah is a twenty something that shares comedy videos with a bit of hair videos tossed in. She is awesome! She’s funny 🙂

Now, that you are cozy grab yourself a cuppa tea and let’s start chatting about our twenties! 

Dear Twenty Something:

The twenties are the decade that you look forward to – at least I was told when I was younger. My aunts would tell me the twenties are the time you will find yourself, start a career and get married. So when I was a teenager I imagined my twenties would be like that, but I can say that so far it has not been like that. I don’t know about you, but that is a lot to think about in one decade.

So what have I learned so far as a late twenty something? Let’s chat!

Dear Twenty Something: 10 Things I Would Tell My 20 Year Old Self:

1. There is nothing wrong with being a shy person. When I was a child and teenager I was very shy: Over time I opened up bit by bit and I would say I’m reserved and an introvert.

2. Relax a bit: I am a big planner and a workaholic. It’s okay to relax and take a break or vacation.

3. Don’t be afraid to try new things: People say I’m picky, but I say I know what I like. Over the years I have tried different approaches and tried new things. I can say today as a late twenty-something I am now relaxing a bit and trying new things! Yay! Blogging being one of them. 🙂

4. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes: Each mistake taught me a lesson and was worth it. When I was younger one of my favorite cartoons was: The Magic School Bus and I remember the teacher, Ms. Frizzle would always say. Take chances, make mistakes and get messy. It kind of became my mantra.

5. Don’t let others make you feel insecure: When I was younger I felt like I did not fit in with the crowd and as a teenager it made me insecure at times. As I got older I realized that it’s cool to not fit in.

6. Own your personal style: Style is something that I have learned over the years and it has been an interesting ride. I wore uniforms throughout grade school so when I had chance to wear my own clothes in college let’s just say my style was a mess. For the past few years I have realized what things I liked to wear. Like Tracee Ellis Ross says,”Fashion is disposable, but style is forever”. So true!

7. Patience is a virtue: My mother always tells me this. Whenever I am feeling down I remember these words. In all things: success, education, love and relationships, etc. patience is key.

8. Nice Girls Finish Last is Not a Bad Thing: I have turned these words into Nice Girls Get the Best because they Save the Best for Last. Cue Vanessa Williams – Save the Best for Last. I know that in any situation as long as I am patient God will make it happen if it is His Will.

9. Aim to be Positive in any Situation: Despite the situation I aim to be positive and have a good attitude about life. I find that when I pray and write I release the negativity and feel better.

10. Don’t be afraid to just dance: I know it sounds cheesy, but just dance! When you dance you feel free, happier and less stressed. If I feel super stressed I will dance and sing! I know it seems silly, but it works. Put on your favorite 80s music and just dance!


So far my twenties have been filled with lots of education, sleepless study nights, with bits of fun thrown in here and there. So far so good! 🙂

What would you tell you 20-year-old self? Share below. Stay tuned for more of my Dear Twenty Something Series.


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