If you have read my blog for some time you know I like to be surrounded by inspiring people and things. Earlier this year I wrote a blog post called, Just a Little Bit of Inspiration! I talked about how Andrea Lewis YouTube Channel is very inspiring for my fellow twenty-somethings. This summer I won her #SelfLove Tank giveaway! If you want to find out more about Andrea Lewis check out her YouTube Channel.

For this inspirational post, I want to spotlight a YouTuber (Kris) that I have subscribed to for years. When I subscribed to Kris she had one YouTube Channel, CrystalRoseLove. Now she has another channel, BeautifulLifeToday. Both channels are great. On her main channel, she talks about relationships, beauty, hair, and fitness. The one thing I notice about Kris is that she is passionate and has a happy approach to life. I am a firm believer that if you want to be a positive person you have to share positive things and think positive. Escape the negativity (of course some will be there, but work on minimizing it). We can focus on the outside beauty, but we need to also focus on the inner beauty as well. Her BeautifulLifeToday channel showcases her inspirational bits on how to be positive, happy and beautiful on the inside. You should check out both of her channels.

Both Andrea Lewis and Kris are amazing women that are positive. They smile and I can tell that they are positive people in life outside of YouTube. When I watch BeautifulLifeToday and Andrea Lewis I feel inspired. In general when I read inspirational quotes, books or surround myself by motivational people I get inspired. 

With that said, a few weeks ago I was reading Sam of Smart Twenties blog about the difference between winning and not losing. It was a great post check it out. I want to win, not lose. This post aligned with exactly what I am talking about. I want to push myself further and become a better version of myself.

This month I’m inspired because September is my favorite month (my birthday month), I celebrated my 1st Blogiversary and many things are happening this month. I start my twenty-something series next week! Last week was my birthday and every year a few months before my birthday I make goals about how I want to spend the upcoming year. I make career goals and personal goals. Both types of goals are important to think about. Every year I get older I strive to be a better version of myself. Competition is a good, but I rather compete with different versions of myself instead of competing and comparing myself to others. This is something that I had to learn over the years and every day is a new lesson.

What do you like to listen to or read to get inspired? Share below.


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