First Blogiversary SM

I’m so happy today. Style Bits & Bobs turns 1 Year Old. It’s my blogiversary! Wow! A year ago I started Style Bits & Bobs of M.E. as a creative outlet. When I started my main goal was to share my creative side in terms of Style and DIY. This past January I decided to share more lifestyle posts with you. I am happy with how my blog has grown and excited to share more things with you.

This month I am introducing a series called Dear Twenty-Something Series. I was inspired to start this series when I first came across Sam from Smart Twenties blog. She is amazing and we emailed back and forth about blogging. I want to share more of my experiences as a twenty-something. Currently, I am a late twenty-something and I have learned a lot about this decade about myself. It has been a quite interesting journey and I am happy to share it with you. I’m still nervous about coming out of my shell with my identity, but I will soon. Stay tuned!

Also, I want to share more of my creative side with you with more DIY projects (skin, hair and more) and soon actual styling posts in addition to my Polyvore style posts. Kendra from Closet Confections is amazing and her style is somewhat similar to mine. I contacted her earlier this year and she gave me some great feedback. I’m working on find ways to improve my photography. I’m excited, but nervous to put myself out there. I will shake this feeling and give it a go! If you have any suggestions let me know.

Thank you for all my subscribers old and new that have subscribed to me. I really appreciate it. This blog is a chance for me to share the things that I enjoy with you. I hope that you get some inspiration, feel happy and creative when you read my blog.

What type of posts are you looking forward to seeing? Comment below.

Thank you for all of your support!



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