Early this year I shared my tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle and now I want to share the fitness part of that post. For all of my people out there that like to workout at home, this post is for you!

Here are My Favorite Fitness People to Watch and Apps to Use:

  • Nike Training Club:
    This is my favorite workout app. I have tried other workout apps, but this is my all-time favorite. It has different fitness levels and has workouts ranging from 15 minutes to 45-minute workouts. When I do these workouts I feel the burn. Also, some of their workouts (the 15-minute ones have all-star athletes like Gabby Douglas or Serena Williams). 🙂
  • Fitness Blender:
    After discovering Nike Training Club I went to YouTube to find some fitness videos from fitness experts. Fitness Blender is a YouTube channel hosted by a married couple that are certified fitness experts that have workouts for all fitness levels. I like their videos because they are fun and when I do their workouts I feel like they are working out with me. If you check out their YouTube channel I’m sure you will find some workouts to fit your needs. There are over 500 videos on their YouTube Channel. This was the first YouTube fitness channel I came across. If you join their website, FitnessBlender you can mark your favorite videos.
  • HangTightwMarC:
    The next fitness YouTube channel I came across was HangTightwMarC. MarC is a fitness expert that has a lot of workout routines for different levels. I like her videos because she explains how to get started with a workout routine and she has an awesome personality. Plus she has more in information on her website, HangTightwMarC. She talks about health and shares the things she uses for her natural hair along with her varied workout videos.
  • Blogilates:
    Around the same time I came across HangTightwMarC was the time I came across Blogilates. Cassey is a fitness expert and every time I do her workouts I feel her energy. She has will push you to work out. She has a bubbly personality and shares healthy recipes along with her fitness videos. I like her videos because she has affordable easy healthy recipes and has different workouts to pick from. You can find more information on her website, Blogilates.
  • Thinking about Sworkit:
    Since Nike Training Club is the only fitness app on my phone I was curious to check out other fitness apps. A few months ago I heard HeyFranHey talk about Sworkit on her YouTube Channel. She said that if you are a fan of Nike Training Club you should enjoy Sworkit. I have not checked it out yet, but I will soon.
  • Bonus: Walking and/or Running:
    I absolutely love walking. Walking is great exercise and it allows me to unwind. Running is another great exercise and I am looking forward to starting running in the near future. Do you run, if so what tips do you have for beginner runners?  I will like to hear your tips. Share below.

If you want to find out more ways to work out at home check out Olive Apple’s Post about Best Home Workouts! If you want to learn more check out my How to Stay Healthy During Summer Vacation Post.

Have tried any of these fitness apps? Do you watch any of these Fitness YouTube Channels? Comment below.


10 thoughts on “Fitness for Home Workouts

  1. I had to work into running with run/walk intervals. It wasn’t bad, and now I do fun 5ks! That’s the extent of my marathon skills however lol.

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