diy tasesel bookmarks1

I haven’t made bookmarks in a long time since this bookmark DIY. This has to change. Since I like reading I need to make more bookmarks. The other day I wore my tassel loafers and I was inspired to make many things with tassels. The first thing I decided to make were tassel bookmarks. Currently, I am playing around with some other ideas. When I finish these projects I will share them with you.


tassel bookmark materials

  • Scissors
  • String of your choice like string, yarn, etc
  • Fabric (I used some leather and fabric from my stash)
  • Glue gun/glue sticks
  • Ruler
  • Book (use to wrap the string around to create your tassel)

For this DIY project I will show you two ways to make tassel bookmarks. The first way is the easiest and most traditional way to make a tassel bookmark. The second way involves playing around with materials I found around the house. Keep those scraps of fabric. They are perfect for upcycled DIY projects.

How to Make a DIY Tassel Bookmark (2 Methods):

Tassel Method 1 – Using String:

Tassel Method 1 Using String 2

1. Leave about 6-8 inches of extra string for each side. (The length will depend on how long you want the string part of the tassel to be.)

2. Wrap the string around the small book (or ruler) several times until you get the thickness of the tassel you want.

3. Tie the ends of the string into a knot.

4. Remove the tassel from the book (or ruler).

5. Cut the ends of the tassel evenly to the length you want.

6.  To make it pretty take a small piece of fabric and wrap it around the tassel and secure it.

Tassel Method 1 Using String step 6

*Note: I tried wrapping the string around the ruler, but did not like using it so I decided to wrap the string around the book instead. Decide which way works best for you.

Tassel Method 2 – Using Fabric:

Tassel Method 2 Using Fabric 2

1. Decide on the length and thickness of your tassel.

2. Leave about 1-2 inches for the base of your tassel.

3. Mark where your base will be and mark where you want to make your fringe.

Tassel Method 2 Using Fabric 2

4. Fringe your fabric.

Note: Use smaller scissors if necessary to make it easier to make the fringe.

5. Add your string to the inside of the tassel.

6. Roll the tassel and secure with glue.

fabric tassels plain Method 2

Happy reading! What are you reading this summer? Comment below.

Tassel Bookmarks Finished 2

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