Now, that June is here we know what that means! Father’s Day is coming up. To me fathers are harder to shop for than mothers. What do you think? Every year when I ask my father what he wants he says nothing. My father is pretty much low-key and hard to shop for. Here are some gift ideas that are perfect for any father. 

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10 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day:

1. Slippers – Men’s Dearfoams: Even though some fathers are hard to shop for slippers are a great gift for any father. These slippers are really soft and perfect for your father to wear around house. I like the navy and your father would like this color too!

2. Money Clip – Black Matte Money Clip by ThingsRemembered: If your father is into money clips you may want to get him a personalized one. ThingsRemembered is great because they have many personalized gifts for any occasion.

3. Robe – Polo Ralph Lauren Kimono Robe: Robes are another good gift for your father. This robe is a nice classic navy blue color. I’m sure your father will enjoy it while sipping his morning coffee and reading the Sunday paper.

4. Watch –Townsman Chronograph Stainless Steel Watch – Black from Fossil: I think I got my love of watches from my father. I remember when he first gave me a watch for my birthday. After that I was hooked. Fossil has many styles for men. Here is a black plain style if you are unsure what your father may like.

5. Wallet/Case: Estate Multi Passport Case from Fossil: My father likes to travel and a wallet is good, but this passport case is better. It has a lot of room to store your passport, cards and any other things you might need when traveling. This is the perfect gift for a father that travels.

6. Grill Apron –Personalized Apron for grilling from I know some people may not like to get grill related items for their father. However, if your father is anything like mine he enjoys grilling when the weather is nice. My favorite thing for him to grill is suya, kabobs or sweet corn on the cob. The good thing about this apron is that you can personalize it.

7. Tie – Polo Ralph Lauren Sudbury Striped Silk Tie: One of the Father’s Day gifts that keep on giving are ties. In my opinion if you are going to give a tie as a gift it should be classic or that is unique. This tie has a classic style and will go with many shirts.

8. Gift Card – Nike for Tennis Shoe (Sneakers): If your father likes tennis shoes (sneakers) a Nike gift card or shoe store gift card is a good gift to give him. Check out your local shoe store to check the prices so you can figure out how much you money you need to put on the gift card.

9. Tickets – for Tickets to Sporting Events: If your father enjoys going to sporting events surprise him with tickets to his favorite sporting events. He will be surprised.

10. Gift Card – Car Detailing: This is the perfect gift for a father who is into cars and likes to keep his car nice and clean. Surprise your father with this and you will see a smile on his face.

What are you getting your father this year? Comment below.

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