Spring is my second favorite season. Fall is my first! Now that it actually feels like spring I want to share some spring style inspiration from a few TV ladies. At the moment I am enjoying watching New Girl (Zooey Deschanel), The Mindy Project (Mindy Kaling) and Girlfriends (Tracee Ellis Ross). Each of these shows offers something different with the characters, lifestyle and the style. I think it’s pretty cool when you can find a television show that you can enjoy and get inspired by the style. This is a win-win!

3 Spring Looks Inspired by a few TV Ladies:
style-from-tv-ladies-polyvore-set-image2 (2)

These looks are perfect for any spring occasion. For this post, I wanted to merge my style with the character’s style. What look is your favorite?

1. Daytime Look inspired by New Girl: If you have followed my blog for a while you know that I have a polka dot obsession. Polka dots are feminine, classic and simple. My favorite polka dots color combination is navy with white polka dots. This is a look I would pair with comfortable flats or oxfords, and a red lipstick. This is perfect for going to church or brunch with friends. I can imagine Zooey’s character Jess wearing this while teaching. I remember watching an episode when Nick was dating someone and Jess shared a story about how a friend told her that she rocks a lot of polka dots. Let me tell you something – there is no way you can ever wear too many polka dots.

2. Nighttime Look inspired by The Mindy Project: On The Mindy Project, Mindy wears a lot of pencil skirts, some peplums and A LOT of color/prints. This nighttime look was inspired by one of my favorite looks on the season finale. That finale was amazing! I liked how Mindy paired the look with a motorcycle jacket to tone down the colors. Even though I do not wear a lot of bright colors I plan on incorporating them more into my wardrobe.

3. Dinner Party Look inspired by Girlfriends: Girlfriends was one of my favorite shows. I hope the writers and producers make a Girlfriends Movie. Fingers crossed! For my dinner party look, I decided to look for a dress that has a nice silhouette, color, and print. I was inspired by the colors in the dress Tracee was wearing in above picture. I remember Tracee’s character, Joan wearing many vintage, colorful and bold dresses on the show. Since Joan doesn’t wear eyeshadow I can see her rocking a bold red lip and red pumps for a dinner date or party. I would wear this look on special occasions and add a blazer if it is chilly at night.

Honorable Mentions: Gossip Girl (Blair Waldorf) and Ugly Betty (Betty Suarez – her coats)

maybe in a future post…

What shows are you currently watching? What characters have amazing style? Comment below.


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