Spring is here! Even though the calendar says that spring officially arrived March 20, 2014, the weather outside does not feel like spring. I’m so excited that the weather has been nice because I have enjoyed my morning and evening walks more. Now, that the weather is changing I wanted to share how I transition my winter wardrobe into spring. When I buy clothes I like to look for transitional pieces. I want to have quality pieces that last for many seasons and things that suit my personal style. If you want to find out more check out my style post about my wardrobe staples. Let’s get started!

Transitioning My Winter Wardrobe into Spring:

winter to spring polyvore image (2)

1. Ankle Boots:
During the winter I wore my brown riding boots almost every day. They are stylish and functional for the winter. I’m so happy winter is over! Now, that spring is here I like to switch out my riding boots for my black pair of ankle boots. I like ankle boots because they can add a bit of edge to an outfit.

2. The Classic Trench Coat:
One of my favorite things about winter is coats. Since I have to bundle up I want a coat that is cozy and represents my personal style. A classic trench coat is a perfect coat for spring. To me a classic trench coat is like a little black dress – it goes with everything! A few weeks ago Wendy’s Lookbook did a YouTube video about the classic trench coat pairing. The classic trench coat never goes out of style and looks good on every woman. When looking for a classic trench coat fit is key. This year I am looking for an olive or navy one for the spring. When I wear my classic trench I feel put together, stylish and ready for April showers. For a unique touch add a brooch to your coat. 

3. Scarves:
During the winter my favorite scarves were my faux fur collar scarf and snood. Now that spring is here I am going switch to printed scarves. Scarves are a great way to turn your plain outfit into a complete look. If you are looking for unique scarves check out your local thrift store. You will be surprised what you may find. My favorite ways to wear a scarf are as a headband (smaller scarves), tying it in a bow, wearing it like an ascot tie, or turning it into an infinity scarf. What is your favorite way to wear a scarf during the spring?

4. Dresses:
Dresses are always in my wardrobe no matter what the season and are one of the easiest things to transition a winter outfit into a spring outfit. I would wear dresses every day if I could. If you have a solid color dress that you wore in the winter try adding a floral scarf or a contrasting spring color to make the dress spring perfect. Or opt for dresses that have floral or fun prints and pair it with a cardigan for a pop of color. ModCloth has an amazing selection of vintage style dresses. They are so cute!

5. Hats:
We all know – April showers, bring May flowers. When I go out during the spring I always have a hat and/or umbrella depending on the day. Hats are perfect when it rains, you are having a bad hair day or want to add a point of interest to your outfit. My favorite place to look for hats are: Target, Asos.com or H&M. Try adding a bowler, fedora or beret to your look.
winter-to-spring-looks2 (2)

What is your favorite way to transition your winter wardrobe into spring? Comment below.





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