Happy Spring! Next to Fall, Spring is my second favorite season. I enjoy the nice weather and the sun shining, especially after a polar vortex winter. Yay for spring! (Insert dancing emoji lol) One of the things I love about spring is spring cleaning. Also, I like to check out yard sales and local thrift stores for some unique finds. I enjoy going through my clothes, organizing and learning new ways to live a happier lifestyle.

Here are a few ways to get organized for spring:

1. Spring Clean:
The best way to get organized for spring is by spring cleaning. Whether you are cleaning your house, closet, or life, spring cleaning will help you get right on track. If you are looking for some inspiration look on Pinterest or the blog, I heart organizing and the YouTube Channel At Home with Nikki. These are great resources for anyone looking to organize or people that enjoy organizing. I highly recommend them both.

2. Purge your Wardrobe:
Every season I purge my wardrobe because I like to actually wear my clothes. To me, less is more. I don’t like having too many clothes that are collecting dust. I tend to wear many of the same things over and over with a little twist. I realize I might have been doing a capsule wardrobe for years, but I didn’t put a name to it.

Last year when I was on Pinterest (I am a Pinterest addict…lol) I came across the blog, Putting Me Together. This blog is amazing! I am a huge fan of What Not to Wear and I am so sad the show is over. If you are a fan of What Not to Wear then you would love Audrey’s blog, Putting Me Together. She shares so many ways to rework your wardrobe. As a twenty-something, I know my style and I want to make sure that all the pieces in my wardrobe are things that I love and have a purpose.

3. Organize your pictures:
Before Easter comes, now is a good time to organize your pictures. Do you still have those pictures from last year’s holidays everywhere? Clear your camera, upload them to your computer and print them out. When I want to print pictures I like to use Shutterfly.com because they have good deals. If you are lucky you may even catch a day when they are offering 100 free prints. Since Kodak Gallery is no longer available Shutterfly is my new home for online picture printing. I love going through pictures because I can reminisce about the good times and think about all the good times ahead.

4. Develop a system or schedule:
Most of us have some type of system or schedule. With the up and down of the weather and increasing amount of snow days (if you live in a cold climate) you may find yourself off schedule. Spring is a good time to refocus your energy and make a new schedule. For example, since I had many snow days I would often find myself sleeping in on the weekend. I want to change that. I am making it a priority to go to sleep earlier and wake up earlier. Now that it is getting warmer I am highly motivated!

5. Go outside:
During the winter if you are anything like me you stayed inside most of the winter. I am not a fan of cold weather, snow or ice. Go outside and enjoy the fresh spring air. You will feel more energized, happier and motivated to get organized!

*Bonus: Change up your Look – Hairstyle:
Changing up your look is a good thing, but can be scary. I tend to keep the same hairstyle for a long time until I get bored. I am not into styling my hair that often, so if I find something simple and I like it I stick with it. For about a year I have rocked my hair in mini twists. I have natural thick curly/coily hair,  do not straighten my hair or use heat. Now, I am looking for a change and a new hairstyle. I want to try a wash n go, twist out or braid out. I’m not sure what style to try first. Update: twist outs are my jam! The only thing I know is that I am looking for a heat-free hairstyle.

Happy organizing!

What are your favorite ways to get organized for spring? Comment below.


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