This has been the coldest winter ever! Well, according to the meteorologist it has. This winter has been a true ‘polar vortex’. It has snowed almost every weekend nonstop and I am so over winter. Despite the weather every time I go out I make sure that I wear something that will make me forget about the cold (at least temporarily). Here are a few of my favorite winter style pieces.

my favorite winter style pieces from polyvore image (2)

1. Faux Fur Snood/Scarf:
This winter instead of wearing many different scarves I decided to wear my snood and faux fur scarf for the most part. I like wearing my faux fur scarf for dressy days and my snood on casual days. If you want to take your faux fur scarf to the next level add a gold brooch for a sophisticated look.

2. Hats:
For many years I was not a fan of hats. For the past few years, I have started a mini hat collection. I want to try more hats this year. Not only will hats keep your head warm during the winter, it also adds a great touch of style. My favorite hat at the moment is this floppy hat.

3. Boots:
This winter I have gone back and forth between black ankle boots and brown riding boots. I love these boots because they go with everything. I like that they both have a simple style which makes them everyday wearable.

4. Dresses:
Even though it is cold outside doesn’t mean that you have to throw your dresses in the back of your closet. I actually prefer wearing dresses instead of pants. Dresses are fun to wear in the winter because you can add many layers to keep you warm and pair them with decorative tights.

5. Tights:
When I think of winter and fall style I immediately think of tights. If you ever watched Gossip Girl, (if not it is on Netflix) tights were a big part of Blair and her minion’s style. Also, in Ugly Betty you could always count on Betty to wear colored tights with her daily looks. No matter what type of tights you wear, there are tights out there for you. Tights are a good way to add a statement element to your look.

6. Switching Belts or Buttons on Coats:
I’m not sure if it is just me, but I like to switch the belt and buttons on my coats and jackets. When I am wearing a plain black wool coat or a trench coat a belt adds a bit of style.  For example, if you have a plain black coat try switching the existing belt with a red belt and your coat will have a new look for the winter.

7. Bold lipstick:
When it comes to makeup I like to keep it simple, especially during the winter months. Since I rarely wear eye shadow in the winter I usually opt for a bold lipstick color. This winter I have worn a lot of burgundies, eggplant purple, and red lipstick. Lipstick is a great way to add a stand out when the skies are gray.

What is your favorite style piece for the winter? Comment below.


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