Last month, I talked briefly about how changing your diet and fitness routine will improve your overall health. I decided to expand on the that tip and share a few of my favorite ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Sometimes the winter is a difficult time to keep a healthy lifestyle, especially if you enjoy baking or eating comfort food. Remember life is all about balance.

Here are #7 Simple Ways to Live a Healthy Lifestyle:

1. Stay hydrated:

No matter what you do this is the most important tip! Our bodies are mainly water  and we need water for our bodies to work properly. Sometimes in the winter we neglect water because we are cold and want to drink hot apple cider or hot chocolate instead. By drinking more water you will feel hydrated and your skin will look better.

2. Exercise:

The possibilities are endless! No matter if you are a gym person or at-home workout person, there is an exercise for you. I enjoy at-home workouts such as: Nike Training Club App on my iPhone, the Fitness Blender on YouTube and now I am trying out some at-home barre workouts. I do about 4-5 days of exercise a week while listening to music on Pandora. When I workout with music I feel like a warrior. 

3. Take Walks or Dance:

I enjoy walks in the winter because I feel the cool clean air and it makes me feel happy. Another thing I like to do is dance. Dancing is a great form of exercise. Put on your favorite dancing music and you will feel the burn.

4. Keep healthy snacks at home:

Fruits, granola, and smoothies make good healthy snacks. Instead of eating salty chips, try making apple chips or kale chips. Instead of fast food French fries, make your own sweet potatoes fries. When you have healthy snacks at home you have no choice, but to eat healthy snacks unless you go out to get them.

 5. Eat more fruits and vegetables:

I love fruits and vegetables because they come in many colors. The more color in your diet, the better. During the winter I like kale, broccoli, sweet potatoes, red peppers, carrots, butternut squash, and tomatoes. Experiment with making homemade soups using a slow cooker. Soups are a good way to try different vegetables and stay warm during the winter.

6. Limit excess sugar: Stop drinking soda if you can. If you cannot stop drinking soda, gradually limit the amount of soda you drink daily. Instead of soda make homemade juices and smoothies. Over time you will no longer miss soda.

7. Make it Fun:

Just because you want a healthy lifestyle does not mean it has to be boring. There are so many options out there, just try it. Making small changes now will make a big impact in your future.

What tip was your favorite? What do you do to live a healthy lifestyle?


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