10+ Gift Guide for Every Woman in Your Life:

gift guide for women

Christmas is around the corner and I have to admit I still have some shopping to do. Are you stuck with ideas or can’t figure out what to give your those last few people on your list? This list shares bits and bobs of things that I would appreciate as a gifts. Also, here you will find a gift here for every woman in your life:

10+ Gift Guide for Every Woman in Your Life:

1. Mugs: I believe there is a mug out there for everyone. If not you can make one, like the one on ABeautifulMess. My personal favorite are mugs that are super cute or quirky, like an owl one.

2. Tea: I love tea. I drink tea every single day. My personal favorites are any herbal tea and Chai tea. If you know a someone who is a Tea-fanatic you can give them teas to try or their favorite teas. Another idea is to go to your local Teavana and design your own tea. This is a great gift and will show them you care. Note: If they don’t like tea you can give them a coffee basket.

3. Books or Magazine Subscriptions:  Reading is one of my favorite things to do when I want to unwind and relax. There is nothing like curling up in a good book while sipping on Chai Tea. Yum! Here are my top picks for the book/magazine lover in your life:

a. One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book:  This is on my Christmas list! I like the idea of this book because I am into keeping journals and I think it will be a good way to self-reflect.

b. Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me by Mindy Kaling: Two words: Mindy Kaling. She is funny, stylish and I love The Mindy Project. I just got this book and I am so excited to read it. I heard great reviews and it was on the books to read while you are in your 20s list.

c. Magazine Subscription: Depending on your style the magazine will vary. My magazine pick would be Elle.

4.  MoleskineIf you know someone who is into keeping planners, notes or journals this is the perfect gift. Find out their favorite color and they will love it so they can stay organized especially the Evernote Smart Notebook. 

5. DIY/Craft Gifts: This is a large category and I couldn’t narrow it down picked my top two ideas.

a. DIY Essentials Basket: If you notice their DIY essentials need are running low create a list and put them in a basket to give to them. They will be happy that you took time to see what they were missing and bought it for them. I like this idea because you can personalize it depending on their needs.

b. Gift card: If you have no idea what to give the DIY-er/Crafter because you feel like they have everything give them a gift card. Stores like Michaels, Jo-Ann or their favorite specialty store.

6. Style: Sometimes it is hard to pick out a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes. That’s why if I want to give a style related gift I like giving accessories. Here are my top picks for the style category:

a. Statement NecklaceIf you are crafty you can make this necklace I posted a few months ago. If not try to find out the recipient’s style and pick out a necklace with their taste in mind. ModCloth and Anthropologie has a great assortment of statement of necklace.

b. WatchI love watches. I remember when I was a little girl I would always ask for a watch for Christmas or my Birthday. I bought a rose gold watch two years ago from Fossil and I still like it.

c. Touch screen gloves: Are you tired of putting your gloves on and off every time you get a text message or make a phone call? If so, this is the gift for you. Grab a pair for you and a friend.

7. Electronics: Who doesn’t like electronics? There are many things to pick from. Here are my top picks:

a. Tablet: What type of tablet are you are looking for. iPad or Tablet, etc.

b. Camera: Depending on your photography needs Canons are good cameras. Every year they come out with a new model in many colors. I had my camera for years and still use it. Time to upgrade soon!

8. Beauty: If you have a friend that is into beauty and loves makeup and nails here are some ideas:

a. Naked Palette: 3 versions plus the basics palette. There’s a palette she will love. The only one I have is the original Naked Palette because it has a mix of shimmer and matte neutrals that are perfect for an everyday natural look.

b. Essie Nail Polish: Essie are my favorite nail polishes. I like their colors and the formula. If you don’t know what colors they like you can’t go wrong with neutrals and pinks. Or pick up the entire collection for the winter.

9. CookbooksFor the chef in your life or entertainer a cookbook is a good gift because they can try new recipes and have them at the next dinner party. If you are having trouble finding a cookbook you can give them a cookbook that has a variety of food from around the world or a themed cookbook.

10. Cozy gifts: During the holiday season cozy gifts are great because you can stay warm and toasty!

a. Onesie: Who said onesies are just for babies? Last year I had an adorable penguin onesie from Target and it kept me warm. You can get onesies for the entire family and wear them on Christmas morning.

b. Slippers: Slippers are another holiday staple of mine. They are comfortable, warm and feel like I am walking on air. You can stay with a traditional pair of slippers or go for themed slippers.

Happy Holidays and Happy Gift Giving!

What was your favorite gift idea? If you have a gift idea please comment below.


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