On a cold autumn night after a busy day, I like to curl up and read a good book with a cup of tea. Most of the time I do not have a bookmark on hand and end up using my business card, index card or any small piece of paper I can find. Instead of making plain bookmarks I decided to make cute animal bookmarks. Now, I am inspired to make all types of bookmarks.

animal-diy-bookmarks plain

Here is what you need to get started:

DIY Cute Animal Bookmarks:


  • Construction paper (in a variety of colors)
  • Thick paper with pattern
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • White Elmer’s Glue
  • Scrap paper (to draw your animal for tracing or freehand)
  • Pencil
  • Black Sharpie Permanent Ultra Fine Point Marker

all materials for diy animal bookmarks

For this project, I will show you how to make three different animal bookmarks: Elephant, Penguin, and Garfield the Cat


  1. Measure out 2 inches by 6 inches of patterned paper for your bookmark. (This will be your bookmark strip.)
  2. Cut out a strip for each bookmark that you are making.
  3. Use your bookmark strip as a guide to decide what size to make your animal that will sit above your bookmark strip.
  4. Set your bookmark strip aside.
  5. Find an image online of an animal to create your template or create your own freehand design. (Note: I decided to use inspiration from different animals in cartoons, books, Pinterest and freehand my design.)
  6. Using your template or freehand drawing cut out the pieces you need for your animal. (Note: See below)
  7. To make each animal you will need the following pieces and materials:

All Animal Pieces of Bookmark diy

  • Materials to make an Elephant: 
  • Cut out 9 Pieces (total): Eyes, Ears, Toes, Feet, Body
  • Multiple shades of gray and white construction paper
  • Black Ultra Fine Sharpie Marker
  • Materials to make a Penguin:
  • Cut out 10 Pieces (total): Eyes, Nose, Feet, Arms, Body, Belly and Bow to use a Hair Bow or Bow tie (optional)
  • Black, white, yellow, and red construction paper
  • Black Ultra Fine Sharpie Marker
  • Materials to make Garfield the Cat:
  • Cut out 6 Pieces (total): Eyelids, Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Ears, and Head
  • Orange, yellow and white construction paper
  • Black Ultra Fine Sharpie Marker

8. Glue each piece to make your animal and let it dry.

Cute Animal Bookmarks Plain

9. Place your animal above your bookmark strip so that it is high enough that you will see the animal sticking out from the top of your book.

10. Once you are satisfied with your animal’s position glue the animal above your bookmark strip.

animal diy bookmarks

11. Let your completed bookmark dry before using.

12. Laminate your bookmark. (optional)

What bookmark was your favorite? Comment below.

I hope you had fun doing this DIY project. More DIY bookmarks and other DIYs to come! Let me know if you decide to do this DIY. 🙂


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