Three Easy Outfits to Transition your Summer Looks into Fall Looks:

summer to fall image polyvore (2)

1. Bold printed dress: Most of us had a bold printed dress that we loved to wear for the summer. During the summer my favorite print for a dress was tribal print. Since tribal print is bold you can wear it for the summer or the fall depending on how you wear it. For the fall add some cowgirl boots and a jean jacket. This is the perfect outfit for a rainy day or a brisk fall afternoon.

2. Summer skirt: Just like the dress, another favorite of mine is any type of skirt. I am obsessed with all things polka dot and this outfit showcases a casual/nautical look. By pairing this pale yellow sleeveless blouse with an anchor necklace.  This is the perfect outfit for the warm-not-quite-yet-fall-September days.

3. Sleeveless Peplum top: Floral print was another a big hit for summer. Here is an easy outfit that is suitable for the office. By paring a burgundy blazer, pencil skirt and a black structured bag you are ready for your next business meeting in style.

I hope these quick and easy outfit ideas help you turn some of your summer pieces into stylish fall pieces.

What was your favorite outfit?


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